About Me

My name is Ashley King. I've spent 28 years working in assorted parts of the IT industry. I've worked for companies like Wang, CompuCom, Getronics, Halliburton, and Exxon. I was a security technical lead on the Cisco TAC in Houston. I worked in the Exxon-Mobile transition in Texas City. I have four college degrees. My experience includes IP networking, PC builds, Android development, and Full Stack development.

On a more personal note, I've traveled the world. In the US Navy, I saw the coasts of Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, and other exciting places. I've also spent quality time in Budapest, helping train a security team, and traveled to Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia. I believe that travel expands one's perspective, and can be an enriching experience for everyone.

My hobbies including photography, flying my drone, and baking. I also like riding my bicycle, looking at tiny things through my microscope, and looking at distant things through my telescope.

I believe that we find our worth in how we contribute to society as a whole, but that that, in no way, mitigates our responsibility to ourselves. I like to find a happy balance.